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101 / 60000
Poultry Farm In South West Nigeria
Lagos - 6 Month(s)
Price $50 @ 1 Unit
Profit Margin


Opening Date 2021/05/01 12:00:AM
Closing Date 2021/11/01 12:00:AM

This poultry farm is an investment opportunity powered by ThriveAgric. Your investment covers farm inputs, operations, harvesting, and logistics.

The poultry sub-sector is the most commercialized of all of Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors.The poultry sub-sector is vital to the socio-economic development of Nigeria because of its short term production cycle. It contributes about 9-10% of agricultural GDP (FAO, 2006). Moreover, Nigeria’s chicken population is about 150.682 million (UNDP, 2006) of which 25% are intensively reared, 15% semi-intensive, and 60% extensive system. Poultry birds represent an important source of high quality animal protein, providing about 36.5 per cent of the total protein intake of Nigerians. It is one of the highest investments in agriculture with a net worth of N250 billion. From the Eggs to the Chicken itself, Chicken is a major source of protein in the Nigerian diet and used as a recipe for many dishes. The by products are also used as a great source of organic fertilizer/manure for crop production. The meat is rich in proteins and is a good source of phosphorus and of B-complex vitamins. Poultry meat contains less fat than most cuts of beef and pork. Poultry liver is especially rich in vitamin A. It has a higher proportion of unsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids. This fatty acid ratio suggests that poultry is a more healthy alternative to red meat. The poultry industry in Nigeria had been rapidly expanding in the past years, increasing from 185,300 MT in 2001 to 268,000 MT in 2011 however Nigeria is barely able to meet up with local demands this gives a strong demand for internal production.

Thrive Agric is a technology-driven agricultural company passionate about ensuring global food security. With people like you investing, they can support farmers to make the best of a farming cycle, with the promise of decent returns to you at the end of each farming cycle. Backed by the team at Telefonica’s Wayra (United Kingdom), Google’s Launchpad, Ventures platform and a product of Ycombinator, they are on a mission to build an Africa that feeds the world and Itself.

Category: Animal
Insurance: Yes

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